Founded in 1987…thirty years of Tico recording, mixing & mastering, from demos to gold-selling albums. Modern technology combined with old school skill and experience. From the first guitar notes and drum hits to final touch of mastering.. you and your music are in good hands.

New year going on with some interesting upcoming projects.
Updated site look, too.

Been tuning & listening new upgraded main monitor speakers for a week. B&C 15" coaxial tops & 18" RCF sub. Very pleased with the results; crisp, clear and Loud. Genelec nearfields do sound a bit lame now.

Extremely happy with new M-Audio sub on nearfields. Top quality for the price. Otherwise lazy week..with some work with mastering for The Jarnos; 60's sounds so sub is a bit irrelevant here.
Updated site look, too:)

Hola…sooo lazy to update but here it is finally, new Tico site is online..
More pictures coming soon..

A couple of interesting projects done… recording drums for both Jani Liimatainen's Anette Olzon -project and Mors Subita. Gyze (JPN) album mixing/mastering (in stores 29.3.) also finished Jan 2017.
It's time for a new sub. Old Genelec 7060 subwoofer blew again..not going to fix it anymore…it has taken some beating during the years though :D

Studio mixing console updated to digital…saving/recalling sessions so easy now. Old analog went back home to Great Britain to continue it's life there..bye my old trusty..

Hola amigos...alot chanced since my last update..Tico has moved, after 18 years in Asemakatu...time really flies. New Tico is located 2 km’s from Kemi centre in a former post office. Surrounded by a couple of shops, pizzeria, bar and pharmacy all basic stuff is next door. Kalmah’s new album is in progress, though a lot is here still under construction. Missing control room main speakers, vocal booth is still in bits and pieces, a lot of wiring to do etc. But after everything is completed this will be nice. I’ll try add some photos as soon as asap:)

Latest projects:

Latest projects: